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I am a PhD student at  Portland State University,  studying with Dr. Catherine de Rivera, in the Environmental Science & Management Dept.  

I am continuing my microplastic research along the coast of Oregon, California, Costa Rica, Hawaii and possibly back to the Cook Islands in the South Pacific where I was first introduced to this problem.

Please see my publications for finished work on the subject.

I  graduated from Cal State University Channel Islands in 2016 with my B.S. in Environmental Science and Resource Management with a minor in Biology.   I love research and sharing what I learn to effect change for a better environment.
For my senior capstone at CSU Channel Islands, I explored the effects of micro plastics in Sand Crabs (Emerita analoga) along the California coastline.  I have discovered that Sand crabs ingest microfibers and micro plastics and are an effective entrance of these pollutants into the food web.  I am continuing my research this summer to find the possible interference in reproduction and predator avoidance by the ingestion of microplastics in sand crabs.





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