100th Anniversary of Science at WSN

I had a great time at WSN this year in Monterey Bay.  I was able to present my completed undergraduate work on micro plastics on Friday afternoon and enjoyed presentations in the same session addressing similar topics of pollution.  This will be the last formal presentation before we complete the paper for publication and I am excited to now focus on graduate school opportunities and funding.  I really enjoy attending WSN as it is such a welcoming group of people and I have come home more excited about research and furthering my education.

If you would like to see my presentation I have set up a link below:

WSN 2016 Presentation on Pervasive plastics



California Channel Islands Symposium

The trash team was at it again!  Michaela Miller and I presented at the California Channel Islands Symposium on October 5th.  I presented my project on the ingestion of micro plastics in sand crabs and she presented on her Marine debris project.  Both of us are looking to move onto graduate school in the Fall of 2017.


Working in the Salt Marsh

I am lucky to get to work for UC Santa Barbara on the S.O.N.G.S. Project as a field technician in the Salt marsh.  I am having a great time learning about all of the fish, identifying the different species of Gobies and Invertebrates.  We spend time identifying birds as well as plants throughout the marsh.

FIsh in Marsh

Best Student Paper Award from SCAS!

Today I received a great letter in the mail from Southern California Academy of Sciencesletting me know that my presentation at the annual meeting won the “best student presentation” award.  I am honored and excited to continue to share my research and continue on to grad school in the future.




Thanks to an excellent team of professors in the ESRM department I graduated this May with my B.S. in Environmental Science and Resource Management.  I am thankful for their guidance and am excited for the next steps in my research as well as my graduate career!

New methods: Testing our options

This last week we tried some different solutions for dissolving crab tissue and shells so that we might “float” our plastics out to save time when looking for plastics. We are tweaking the methods used in the Claessens et al 2013 paper.  We are having to tweak because they fried all of the fibers from the samples.  I will have more updates later in the week.IMG_9180