Trash is Everywhere

Janeen and I travelled in our converted sprinter van for the last 3 months and one of the places I really wanted to see was the Redwood National Forest.  We parked in front of a friends house in Arcata and then headed into the park early in the morning in hopes of seeing elk and avoiding the crowds.  Along with the beautiful redwood trees we found trash every place we stopped, whether it was the side of the road, a parking lot or a trail head.  It made us both very sad and has cemented my determination to keep doing this work.  It’s not just Marine Debris, we have too much trash, too many things we use once and discard.  Beyond personal responsibility, we need large changes to stop the pollution at the source.  But in the meantime, please pick up your trash, it doesn’t just ‘go away’ because you threw it somewhere.

Here is my little video of us stopping to see the redwoods and finding garbage