Santa Rosa Island Research Station

This last weekend I was able to go out to the Island with Dr. Clare Steele and the Conservation Biology class.  I was able to enjoy the plethora of knowledge and experience it has to offer.  Santa Rosa Island is beautiful but in a period of restoration and recovery from its long history of human inhabitants.

I was able to help Michaela Miller with her capstone of Marine Debris collection along some of the remote beaches of the island including Arlington Canyon, Sandy Point, Cluster Point and Skunk point.  I also visited Bechers Bay and Water canyon to collect sand samples and test for micro plastics. All in all it was an excellent weekend!  Overall every sand sample I collected had microfibers and microplastics in it.

IMG_7972 IMG_7975 IMG_8018

By Dorothy Horn

I am a senior as Cal State Channel Islands in The Environmental Science and Resource Management department.

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