Teaching Local Portland Students about Microplastics

I’ve been working with two students from Northwest Academy and their teacher Molly Sultany who was awarded a grant to work with diverse students on coastal ecology here in Oregon.  We are working together to assess the microplastic pollution along Oregons beautiful coast.  So far we have found microplastic fibers and microbeads in out processed sample.  I will be presenting some of the findings with the students at the Ocean Sciences Meeting here in Portland on February 11th, 2018.

Above: Octavo and Casper taking turns surveying the sand sample and taking data information. These two make a great team!


Here you can see the fibers, microbead and microplastic pieces that Octavo and Casper are finding in the Elise Granek Applied Coastal Ecology Lab.


By Dorothy Horn

I am a senior as Cal State Channel Islands in The Environmental Science and Resource Management department.

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